Closure-Short story

Odds & Ends

The rain outside has stopped, but not the one inside me.

I have lost my identity, who was I?

I am a doctor, an eye specialist for the public. Yes I am!

I am the mother of my two kids, a 25 year daughter and 21-year-old son. Yes I am !

I am the wife of a famous cardiologist, the woman behind his success and his strongest support and love, as he often  tells his friends. Am I? I was doubtful.

I wasn’t even a bit doubtful about it, until today.

A month back my husband had met with a terrible accident. He had lost his memory. A heart-broken me prayed for him,  cared him like a babe, spoke to him, smiled to him and tried my best to bring him back some memory, but he stared me like we had never met.

I used to sit near the window outside his critical care…

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