The Sepal

The sepal-Short story

Odds & Ends

The sepal couldn’t rest, how could she?

 She was curious and anxious for the petal babe sleeping inside her.

Feeling like a “big sister”, she took pride in protecting the little one.

She knew the petal babe was florid, but tiny then, and would be sleeping peacefully in her bosom. She felt motherly love for it. Being the haven for the petal babe, what an honour it was!

The sepal thought, “I have been guarding this lovely babe since some days now … tomorrow when it blooms in full, the world would be wondering to see the alluring and gleaming petal, they would behold that splendour with all their amazed eyes, they would feel glad about me too, because it was me who kept the petal safe for many days; What more I need to feel great!”.

Her dream delighted her.

It was a glorious spring morning, calm and cool…

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