When will I be loved?

When will I be loved? – Daily prompt

Odds & Ends

{In response to Daily  prompt}

I never had a clearer picture about this anytime before Daily Prompt asked me.

So here comes my answer. I believe I will be loved , once I become a published author, more precisely, a published short story author.
The world has enough novel writers, but not many short short writers.Writing brief and great, is both a pleasure and pain. And I love its beauty!
I am a big admirer of  Jamaica Kincaid’s style after reading her ‘Girl’.
One day, I would also be admired (no matter how small that lot is). They would enjoy and think about my stories.
And I would feel like heaven.
Recognition or material benefits? Never mind!
Being read is what any writer dreams, and by acceptance any writer is loved.

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