Remembering MARQUEZ!

Remembering Marquez!

Odds & Ends

Apart from the magical realism presented by Marquez, I always keep in my heart some of his touching words that remind me of all the love one could ever have. I often break down to tears just with the memory of them…this may sound weird at least to some one out there…But it’s a truth…I am happy that I am NOT a giddy and giggly type of person/reader, but a sentimental and hopelessly romantic one who has both feet firmly fixed on to the earth…I fly…only if I decide to….

It’s true that I am not a voracious reader. Still, most of us tend to love writers as we fall in love with their characters, actually with the souls of those characters. Your guess (if at all you are guessing) is right, like many, I use to have nonfictional feelings towards fictional characters.

Marquez never dies!

Think of love as a…

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