A word to you….

Here I share my scribbles, as short stories or flash fictions or poems.

I am a newbie in writing. So your valuable comments are much appreciated.

Please feel free to comment in those  links !

Constructive criticism and encouragement – Expecting both!

Have a happy time!

I have THREE blogs,in total:

My Scribbles :- https://mridubala.wordpress.com/ (Writing)

Odds & Ends :- http://space4mridu.wordpress.com/ (Writing)

Sparks and Hopes :- http://mridulahere.wordpress.com/ (mainly for quotes, pictures from internet)


60 thoughts on “A word to you….

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  2. Hi Mridula, just now read your story. Best thing is you write in very simple English. Easily understandable. Your writing has a flow. Title is very apt. Impression can change admiration to disgust. Now I’ll red your other stories also. My complements and blessings.

  3. I enjoyed your poem dear, Under the Lavender Tree. I didn’t comment there because I didn’t want to comment under my facebook account, and reveal my identity. I will leave one here. I thought the poem was well written and bitter sweet. You conveyed your thoughts well, and the piece flowed nicely. Keep writing. 🙂

  4. Hello Mirdubala..You have wonderful blogs..So keep going and thank you for guest blogging with us..You have positive attitude person.Please mail me and support for my motivational blog..
    Thanks Cyril

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